Polygon Elite – Russian Systema Martial Art New York City

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Welcome to Polygon Elite, an elite military combatives & weaponry expert of the most efficient, realistic, competent and comprehensive solution to elite hand-to-hand, close quarters combat instruction “forged out of the most brutal training regime ever created” — the combat fighting system of Russia’s special forces (SPETSNAZ) Russian Systema Martial Art and Russian Airborne Brigade combat fighting tactics.

Polygon Elite, a Certified Systema Instructor by Vladimir Vasiliev of the Systema Headquarters in Toronto, Canada, provides low through high threat level stand-alone and augmentative elite combatives & weaponry instruction to the United States Armed Forces and its Allies, law enforcement, security professionals, professional contractors, consultancy to corporations, organizations & educational entities, as well as specialized civilian self-defense training in the New York City area and worldwide.

NEW – Polygon Elite Training Instruments

Our Training Instruments will arrive to you in a permanently dulled condition – ideal for creating situations as close to realism as possible, without the danger of serious injury.