Sergei Maslikhov

Founder, Polygon Elite

Sergei Maslikhov is a Certified Systema Instructor with over 20 years of martial arts and military combatives & weaponry experience, including Judo, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Krav Maga and Systema – The Russian Martial Art. He was a member of the Russian Junior Olympic team, he has trained with the Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz), Russian Airborne Brigade, Israeli Special Forces, and currently studies under the tutelage of Vladimir Vasiliev – Director & Chief Instructor of Systema Headquarters in Toronto, Canada, and Konstantin Komarov – Major, Russian Special Operations Units in Moscow, Russia.

He has trained professional security contractors from Blackwater Worldwide, the United States Army, New York City Firemen, various law enforcement professionals, including NYPD S.W.A.T., and civilian entities. His core skill-sets and expertise include, but are not limited to, lethal defensive and offensive hand-to-hand, close quarters battle (CQC), weapons disarmament, weapons retention, edged weapons and unconventional weapons work, combat ground work, close quarter battle (CQB) tactics, psychological & physiological combat preparation and sustainment, combat driving, repelling, bodyguarding, private security, and prisoner escorting.

Sergei Maslikhov would like to bestow a sincere thanks to Masters Vladimir Vasiliev, Mikhail Ryabko and Major Konstantin Komarov for sharing their wisdom and expertise, both of which have been immeasurable in elevating his combat and spiritual knowledge.


Survival Value

Survive Anywhere, Anytime, In Any Situation

Survival Value is “the property of an ability, faculty, or characteristic that makes individuals possessing it more likely to survive, thrive, and reproduce.” This concept, that is closely applied to Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, is more than a concept at Polygon Elite: it is a way of life and the core of our professional training philosophy.

A chameleon’s survival value is its ability to change color to match its environment when threatened. Most humans’ survival value is the assumption that the person next to you is rational. Once threatened, we do have a natural instinct for self-preservation, like any other species. Polygon Elite’s charge is to bolster that natural instinct by building your current stress immune system via intense physical, psychological and physiological training methods to increase your survival value in any actual threatening and/or violent situation.


Training Philosophy

“No Rules, No Belts, No Nonsense”

Polygon Elite teaches the ability to survive, not win, in stressful, dangerous and violent situations in as close to actual environments as possible in addition to states of extreme duress and exhaustion. Polygon Elite’s training philosophy is based on the principles and philosophy of Systema – Russian Martial Art. With Systema Russian Martial Art special uniforms and belts are irrelevant. We don’t focus on learned stances and drills. We focus on teaching battle-proven skills that are quick, unsportsmanlike & lethal, and focus on a body’s natural positioning and movement to be able to efficiently strike, absorb a strike, avoid and re-direct from any position. Our training philosophy is not to be confused with any traditional fighting arts and/or combat sports fighting systems. We are not in the business of taking years to teach a client how to incapacitate or eliminate even the most basic fighter, but rather months, comparable to the time a special ops soldier has to prepare for an operation. There are just too many aspects of traditional fighting arts and sports-based fighting systems that are life-threateningly impractical and inefficient for the battlefield and actual brutal violence.

Our training is intense and demanding and nothing is off limits other than morality and legality. All training is conducted in a controlled yet extremely realistic environment, meaning no mats and pads, and real weapons are used (inoperable firearms and slightly dulled edged weapons). Essentially, we remove all of the elements that would give you a false sense of security. If you constantly learn how to fall, roll and/or maneuver on a mat and use rubber or plastic weapons, you are not training properly for actual battle or violence!

Our focus is on the most efficient, effective, and battle-proven combat tactics, taught in realistic continuity to achieve perpetuity in recall.