Government & Corporate Services

Close Quarters Combat

Polygon Elite™ offers short-term and long-term contracts for various corporate, military, law enforcement, government, educational and legal entities globally.

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Seminar Services

Close Quarters Combat

Knowledge is power and time is money! We bring elite Systema training from a Certified Systema Instructor to your group or organization, tailored to your needs…on your schedule. Whether you are a group of 15 or 300, on-site training is a cost-effective way to learn and train.

Polygon Elite™ Seminars offer an efficient and effective way to learn new skills to accelerate your current training requirement, as well as positively impact the success of your school’s training program or your organization’s security policy and protective program. All seminars are customized to each audience.

We have all heard that if you get just one good idea from a seminar it is worth your time and money. With our seminars you can expect to walk away with a few good ideas, improved skills and a re-energized, refocused and more spiritually uplifted mindset.

We offer 4-hour to multi-day seminars worldwide. Host requirements include facility procurement and a minimum attendance of 15 individuals. Rates start at $75.00 per person, plus travel expenses. Spectator rate is $40.00 per day.

Our professional consultant and demonstration rates start at $120 per hour. Our private in-home training rates start at $220 per hour.

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Firearms Combat Tactics

Airsoft Training

Russian Combat Tactics’™ firearms combat training now incorporates training with Airsoft equipment, including pistols, assault rifles, etc. Our firearms combat tactics are based on principles of SYSTEMA (Russian Martial Art).

With the addition of Airsoft weapons our firearms combat tactics training has increased from an already extremely realistic level to actual combat-ready. You are taught elite firearms combat tactics designed to increase your comfort level with any firearm, teach you how to inconspicuously draw your weapon, build your aim skills for concise aiming with both arms and without use of sight, develop and improve your shooting from any position, including in-motion, on-foot and from a vehicle, disarming close-proximity assailants poised to shoot, and much, much more.

To participate, clients must have their own Airsoft equipment and protection (helmet, gun, and ammunition). Body protection is optional, depending on your level of discomfort.

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SAFETY GUIDELINES: Mistaken identification of an airsoft gun may result in the accidental death of the user. As such, the airsoft gun must never be displayed in a public area where law enforcement or any other person may interpret the airsoft gun as a real gun. Protective gear must be worn at all times by all clients in the area where airsoft guns are used. AIRSOFT GUNS MUST BE KEPT OUT OF REACH OF MINORS!