I came to Systema from Commando Krav Maga. Systema is an incredible system that focuses on personal growth and skills. Sergei is a phenomenal instructor who challenges you mentally and physically to be your best. The skills you learn will help you to overcome adversity in every aspect of your life. You learn how to overcome fear and doubt and the physical conditioning is awesome. Google Systema and believe all that you see, and realize that what you see is a tiny fraction of its potential.
Dave Reeman


My name is serge and I have been going to Systema for a little over four months. I have learned to breathe more proficiently in stressful situations as well as understand my surroundings when under such conditions. Systema has taught me to be more calm and relaxed not only in hostile situations but also under day to day nuances as well.


I have been going to Polygon Elite Systema for well over 1 year. And I truly has saved my life. It helped me not only in fighting, but when I might accidentally fall or trip. Also in school, and to work under pressure. All in all, It really helped me in many ways and I recommend it very much!
Eugene Mikhelson


I attended Polygon Elite Systema back in the late spring through the summer of 2008. Unfortunately I had to stop because of my full-time enrollment in college in a different state but I can truthfully say that everything that I was taught in those classes was seared into memory and has changed my outlook in life and the way that I do things, in my opinion for the better. I retained knowledge of breathing techniques which I still use during my P/T routines, and Systema helped me to develop a tougher mentality that keeps me going in rough times.

Bottom line is: amazing, knowledgeable, REAL instructor; no tae-kwon-do “give me my colored belt” bs; hands down the best self-defense experience one can get in NY, or anywhere else for that matter.
David Markel


I have been attending Polygon Elite Systema for several months and have found it to be the most realistic and functional self-defense training that I have been involved in. As a Police Officer in a major city and member of it’s full-time tactical team, I find that Systema also offer an ideal set of options for the dangerous situations routinely faced by officers. What most impressed me about Systema for tactical engagements is that it allows the operator/practitioner to tailor the response appropriately based on the level of threat. “Systema breathing” has also become and integral part of my pre-mission preparation as well as a part of my everyday routine for exercise, cardio-vascular training as well as relaxation.

The classes at Polygon Elite are serious, challenging and accurately represent real-world threat situations. The students come from all walks of life and integrate very well in class. Instructor Sergei is very impressive in his knowledge and experience…he is “the real deal” – which, in my experience, is hard to find in instructors these days. I was also very impressed with Sergei’s dedication to Systema and compassion towards his students. It is evident that Sergei really cares about his students learning and well-being, and never hesitates to answer a students question or re-demonstrate a principle if they ask. Although I don’t attend as much as I’d like due to my busy schedule, I can honestly say that I have never walked away from one class without taking something that I can utilize to protect myself in the hazardous environments that I work in. I encourage law enforcement officers of all levels and military personnel preparing for deployment to consider Polygon Elite for their training needs. I have found it to be very valuable to my own.


My name is William and can without hesitation recommend training with Sergei. I am working overseas in high risk environments and I trained extensively with him over the past (2+) years. Systema’s real world applications make it the most practical training that you would want to receive. The breathing, stretching and strength exercises are incredible. You learn to be become adaptable and regardless of situation if you want to survive more, then you can. You will always have an option, and Systema trains you to call on these options without hesitation. Whether you are male or female, young or old, LE or civilian, individuals or teams/units you will benefit tremendously from this training. Sergei is a true professional who is very respectful to both his science and his students. I cannot thank him enough for what he has instilled in me.

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